Six (6) Reasons You Must Not DIY Repair Your HVAC System

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Can you fix damaged sockets, faulty cars or you do minor electrical/mechanical repairs and you think you are good enough to fix your HVAC system all by yourself? You are wrong. A DIY repair of your HVAC system is not just risky, it can also result in costly consequences. This guide provides you with six (6) reasons why you must not DIY repair your HVAC system.
1. HVAC Repairs require specialised tools
All HVAC repairs require one special tool or the other to get the job done perfectly. You must know what tool to use at any time and how to use it. The use of these tools is best known to HVAC professionals not an unskilled and uncertified DIY enthusiast.
2. Handling of Hazardous Refrigerant chemicals
The refrigerants in your HVAC system can be extremely deadly if you mishandle them. You would not want to expose your family or the neighbourhood to hazardous chemicals. It is mandated by law that only HVAC technicians with EPA 608 certification should handle HVAC systems. If you do not possess this certification don’t even think about trying to work with refrigerants, just call a certified technician to get the job done for you.
3. DIY repairs can lead to more complications
If there is a problem with your heating and cooling unit, report to a certified technician. An HVAC technician will inspect the unit, locate the faults and fix them accordingly. Trying to do this on your own might worsen the condition of your system. Unknowingly, you might cause damage to some other units of the system. If you go ahead to install a wrong part in your HVAC system, it might damage some of the very expensive parts such as the compressor or heat pump.
4. Electric shock or electrocution can occur
Working with electrical equipment is dangerous and its worse if you are not certified to execute such tasks. You can experience a shock or an electrocution. HVAC systems utilises High Voltage electric power so making a mistake when trying to DIY a repair might be costly. That cash you are looking to save by executing electrical repairs in your HVAC system is not worth the possible risks.
5. You will void your equipment warranty
Voiding an electrical equipment’s warranty will deny you the manufacturer’s audience. You may end up voiding your warranty if you are not certified to carry out HVAC repairs. It is much better to get your HVAC system fixed by a certified technician.
6. It is not as simple as you might think
Most HVAC repairs are complex to execute and must be done by professionals. These professionals have undergone series of training before getting certified. So, they know what they are doing. When there is an issue, call an expert technician and let them do their job.

Having your HVAC system fixed by a certified technician will not only help you avoid spending unnecessarily, it will also save you a lot of time.

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